Birds of a Letter
ABC Together!

written and illustrated by Craig Macnaughton

Learning THINGS #2 | June 2020 | 32 pages | 8.5 x 8.5 | 2-6 years

From AVOCET to ZEBRA FINCH, fly the friendly skies with some fabulous feathered friends!

Author/illustrator Craig Macnaughton takes you up into the trees, to the oceanside and deep into the rainforest to practice your ABC’s with an amazing aviary of beautiful birds. The lively illustrations and terrific trivia are a fantastic introduction into the incredible world of birds.

ISBN 978-1-989657-04-1
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Reviews for Birds of a Letter

“My son's response after reading this book is ”I super mega love it!””

Sara F. Goodreads Review

“A loud and colorful romp through the alphabet with birds and their calls.”

Adam B. Goodreads Review

“It would be great for a young aspiring birder, as well as for the young children who would love to gaze at the vibrant illustrations. A fun read aloud!”

Laurie Goodreads Review

A B Sea Creatures
An Astonishing Aquatic Alphabet!

written and illustrated by Craig Macnaughton

Learning THINGS #1 | October 2019 | 32 pages | 8.5 x 8.5 | 2-6 years

From ANGLERFISH to ZEBRA LIONFISH, say hello to the most diverse delights in the deep blue sea!

Picture book author/illustrator Craig Macnaughton takes you deep under the ocean to your learn your ABC’s with a colourful collection of fascinating fish, impossible invertebrates and marvellous mammals. The playful illustrations and fun factoids are guaranteed to start more than a few bedtime conversations.

TopShelf Magazine Children's Non-Fiction Book Cover Award

ISBN 978-1-989657-00-3
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ISBN 978-1-989657-02-7
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ISBN 978-1-989657-01-0
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Reviews for A B Sea Creatures

“The illustrations are colorful and magical, just like the sea creatures that many readers are not aware of, and they bring out the diversity of marine life beautifully.”

Reader's Favorite Book Reviews

“Photosythesizy is just one of the many fun descriptions.”

Nicole S. Amazon Reviewer

“Wow, the images in this book are breathtaking, the kids and I have literally looked at this five times in a row!”

Conscious Mama Blog Family Book Reviews

About Little Mitten

An independent Toronto-based publisher of mischievous, creative and thoughtful children’s books.

Our name comes from a certain three year old, who, despite it being the coldest time of the Canadian winter, continually asks if she could wear her ‘little mittens.’ And yes, a picture book is in the works about the eternal struggle between a daddy and his stubborn daughter.

Craig Macnaughton

Craig Macnaughton is author, illustrator, picture book maker and the founder of Little Mitten Presss. He's also is a stay-at-home-parent, fine artist and film buff. "A B Sea Creatures" was launched in October 2019, with "Birds of a Letter" following in June 2020, with many picture books on the way!

Also a budding chef, graphic designer and award-winning filmmaker, Craig is a member of Julie Hedlund’s 12x12 Challenge, The Forest Hill Art Club and CANSCAIP (Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers).

Craig lives in Toronto with his wife and two kids.

Julie Hedlund’s 12x12 Challenge

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The Forest Hill Art Club

A group of enthusiastic artists sharing a studio, enjoying camaraderie with fellow members, studio time, and participating in weekly life drawing and painting sessions


A member-supported community of authors, illustrators, performers, librarians, educators, publishers — everyone who loves kids books.

Fine Art America

A selection of watercolour prints from Craig's travels around the world.

A series of picture books for young readers interested in the natural world.

A B Sea Creatures: An Astonishing Aquatic Alphabet (October 2019)
Birds of a Letter: ABC Together! (June 2020)
Alphabet Bugs: An Awesome Arthropod ABC! (Coming Soon)

Not only does the series introduce core concepts such the ABC’s, but you also get to meet “things” that you may not have ever seen before, from all across the biosphere. The books are built as a jumping off point to more learning and exploring, for example: why does a Northern Pygmy Owl hide it’s food? Why are Red-Lipped Batfish terrible, terrible swimmers? And why is an Atlas Moth so afraid of its own wings? These are the questions kids need answers to! The colourful illustrations, incredible animals and fun factoids are all designed to pique the curiosity of any reader, young or old.

Learn about some things, with Learning THINGS!

Now I know my ABC

Helps early reading comprehension, and each book features a full A-Z alphabet chart.


Inspires creativity and observation with brilliant, vivid illustrations.

STEM Friendly

A must for any STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

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