Learning THINGS

Learning THINGS

A series of picture books for young readers interested in the natural world.

A B Sea Creatures: An Astonishing Aquatic Alphabet! (October 2019)
Birds of a Letter: ABC Together! (June 2020)
26 Bugs: An Incredible Insect ABC! (November 2021)
R is for Rainforests: A Brilliantly Biodiverse Alphabet! (June 2022)

Not only does the series introduce core concepts such the ABC’s, but you also get to meet “things” that you may not have ever seen before, from all across the biosphere.

The books are built as a jumping off point to more learning and exploring, for example: why does a Northern Pygmy Owl hide its food? Why are Red-Lipped Batfish terrible, terrible swimmers? And why is an Atlas Moth so afraid of its own wings? These are the questions kids need answers to! The colourful illustrations, incredible animals and fun factoids are all designed to pique the curiosity of any reader, young or old.

Learn about some things, with Learning THINGS!